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“Hörmətli Dostlar və Həmkarlar. Ümidli Gələcək Gənclər Təşkilatı artıq 7 ildir ki Azərbaycanda fəaliyyət...

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"Leave No Child Out"
National Public Award

Washington University in St.Louis (Missouri)

Reliable Future NGO has been officially approved as on international field practice site for students of Washington University in St.Louis.

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Human Rights & Democracy Development Programs Department
Educating human & children's rights...
Promoting democracy...
Strengthening our communities...

Human Rights & Democracy Development Programs Department was established in year 2000 to promote Reliable Future's active participation in process of democratization, in advancing of human and children's rights, provision of human and children's rights education and awareness raising among the population. Department activities include trainings, seminars, conferences, round tables, awareness raising and advocacy campaigns for human and children's rights and democracy intended for general population and specific target groups, including NGOs, government agencies, police officers, marginalised groups, local authorities, municipalities, community leaders and others. Reliable Future pays an ultimate attention to the protection of the rights of the children, women, minority groups, refugees & IDPs, and other vulnerable layers of population. For successful implementation of its programs and to advance the policy changes Reliable Future works closely and cooperate with many local and international NGOs in and outside of country, with Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourims, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice, Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan Republic, Council of Europe, OSCE, UNICEF, UNIFEM and others.

Reliable Future is the coordinating agency for Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Children's Rights since November 2003 and works hard to bring country NGOs and youth/children groups together to advance the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and promote the children's rights nation-wide (see

Education, Culture & Sport Programs Department
Encouraging our youth and children
Enhancing our schools

Education, Culture & Sport Programs Department provides the support for development of education institutions, schools, to create more opportunities for children and young people to get the access to quality education and information; promote the active learning and non-formal education methods in education; promote the parents' involvment into education process and schools; support the development of effective training models for teachers, children and parents; support the creativity of young people and children; promote the organization of various cultural, art and sport activities with the participation of children and young people, particularly in orphanages and other close type institutions; advance the use of cultural, art and sport activities in the process of psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration of marginalised groups of population.

Social & Health Programs Department
Helping the most vulnerable...

Social and Health Programs Department is one of the earliest departments created as the response to the acute social and health problems in Azerbaijan after the collapse of the Soviet Uion, crush of economic relations, collapse of social protection system, budget deficite and of course as the result of Nagorni-Karabakh War with Armenian military forces which occupied over 20% of territory of Azerbaijan Republic. As the result of the Karabakh War, Azerbaijan still has over 1 mln refugees and IDPs living in hard conditions in refugee and IDP settlements accommodated in different regions throughout the country. Over than 300.000 children suffer from the bad public health, social and living conditions, malnutrition and psychological traumas. Azerbaijan has also the large population of institutionalized (orphans) and street children, disabled people and elderly people with extreme needs for urgent assistance and attention of society. In order to change the situation and help these groups of population, Reliable Future established several programs with many others integrated into other programs of Reliable Future under different departments. The recent severe increase of cases of traficking and sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children, child labor have forced Reliable Future to create innovative and effective strategies and programs and broadening their coverage to achieve the change of situation to better. The main challenge for Reliable Future is an increased attention to the improvement of education, quality of life for refugee and IDP children and people, deinstitutionalization, inclusive education or mainstreaming of children with disabilities or special needs into regular schools, rehabilitation and reintegration programs for elders, war and conflicts victims, torture victims, juvenile offenders, fight with abuse against and traficking in women and children and HIV/AIDS infected people. Reliable Future always tries to use innovative but proven methodologies during its programs with the immediate efficacy and maximum long-lasting benefits for people and their lives. The effective policy development in these areas are important directions to work for Reliable Future.

Ecological Education & Environment Protection Programs
Ecological awareness...
Healthy and Safe Environment for all...

Ecological Education and Environment Protection Programs Department is relatively new department established in 2001. The main purpose of Department is to provide the ecological education, environmental awareness raising among the population and especially among the young people and children and participate in solution of problems of nature, protection of environment. Department joins volunteers to provide activities on ecological awareness raising in schools and focused regions of country.
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